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recruitment agency in St Albans


What we do

We specialise in providing permanent, contract and temporary staff within commercial office environments with links to over 150 companies in St. Albans and the surrounding areas.

How we do it

We specialise in matching individuals to companies, turning jobs into careers. As opposed to other recruitment agencies we take the time to understand our clients’ needs by developing strategic partnerships.

What makes Red Door unique?

Start with experience, add intelligence and intuition, complete integrity, humour and a genuine passion for what we do and you’ve found all the ingredients for our very different approach to recruitment.

  • How Much Does Salary Affect Motivation?

    26 Jun 2015


    Salary is an important factor, but if a job lacks four basic elements - a sense of meaningfulness; a sense of choice in how we work; a sense of competence; and a sense of progress - then most of us won’t be motivated to do the job, no matter how much it pays.

  • She did it!

    22 Jun 2015


    A few snaps from Jo's skydive!

  • Jo's Skydive for Rennie Grove!

    19 Jun 2015


    This Sunday Jo will be taking part in a sky dive to raise money for Rennie Grove!

  • How Easy is it to Attract High Calibre Talent in a Growing Economy?

    18 Jun 2015


    We scroll through Recruitment Buzz on a regular basis to find interesting and helpful articles for our clients and candidates. An article we came across this morning comes from an experienced recruiter and addresses what they've experienced recently from one of their clients. How easy it is to attract good candidates in a growing economy? Do you still need an agency?